Why Do I Need A Web Designer? Can’t I Make My Own Website?

Is it still worth the investment to hire a web designer to create your website?

With so many drag-and-drop website platforms available, it is totally possible to build your own business website.

But, just because the option is there, should you be taking the DIY route?

There is plenty of value in having an expert web designer create a website you can be proud of.

Here are just some of the reasons why working with a web designer can be beneficial for your business. Let’s dive in!


Have you heard of SEO? It's basically a fancy way of saying "Search Engine Optimisation" and it helps your website show up higher in search engine results. You know, like when you search for something on Google and the first few results pop up? That's where you want your website to be!

SEO involves making various tweaks and changes to your website to make it more appealing to search engines. This can include things like using relevant keywords in your content, improving your website speed, and getting other high-quality websites to link back to yours.

If you're not a web design expert, it can be pretty tough to make sure your website has all the necessary SEO elements in place. Even if your website looks amazing, it might not be doing so great in the search results if you're not optimising it properly.

Mobile Optimisation

Global statistics tell us that 55% of the world’s online visits occur on mobile, 43% occur on desktop and 2% on tablets. So, if your website is not optimised for mobile use, then you could be disappointing a huge amount of your site visitors.

Optimising a website for mobile means ensuring that it is accessible and user-friendly on devices like smartphones and tablets. It includes making sure the website loads quickly, is responsive and easy to navigate, and the content is easy to read on smaller screens.

A web designer will automatically ensure mobile optimisation is in place, but this can be hard to achieve yourself if you aren’t sure what you are doing in this space.

Design Trends

Trends come and go. Some we are glad to see the back of (see ya later crimping iron!) and some stick around for a reason. Keeping up with current design trends is an essential part of a web designer's job. And we don’t just mean the visual elements of design.

A good web designer will also stay on top of trends that create better user experiences, give your business a competitive advantage, improve your credibility, and future proof your website.

Staying on top of these trends is a web designer's bread and butter, so your business will benefit from their personal upskilling.

Technology Evolution

Technology is constantly evolving and it is unlikely you will have the time to stay on top of every advancement in this space while running your own business.

Website platforms are always changing with more capabilities and functionality added. There are also a number of new apps hitting the market on a daily basis. These apps are designed to streamline online functions and add usability to your website.

It can feel like a full time job trying to keep up with these technological advancements and knowing which ones will benefit your business. So, instead of wasting time trying to figure it all out, let a web designer do it for you!

Pure Skill

Sure, you could take the time to learn a whole new platform, but do you really want to?

Let’s face it, it’s probably going to take you a while to make updates or changes to your site. And you’ll always have that niggling worry in the back of your mind about whether you are doing things right. Whereas, if you have an expert web designer you can call on, you know any updates will be made quickly, easily and correctly.

Why Not Collaborate Instead?

Many of the clients I’ve worked with have had definite ideas about what they want their website to look like and how they would like it to function. Equally, I’ve had the same number of clients require guidance on the nitty gritty details.

That is why partnering with a web designer like Task Diva is the perfect solution. Together, we can discuss the key elements of your website. Then, I can provide the technical advice on how to make it happen or guide you on elements that are proven to work.

The end result? A beautiful, functional website that is optimised for SEO and mobile, plus is equipped with the latest technology.

Sound like the kind of website you'd like in your business? Then, let’s chat!

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