Why Your Business Needs Email Marketing

While many people perceive marketing to be all about the big sell, in reality, there are many layers to promoting your business.

A significant part of marketing involves building awareness of your brand, increasing your brand's authority, and creating a positive relationship with your customers.

While email may not seem as shiny and cool as social media, using this platform for your marketing is one of the best ways to achieve all the above and more, with a fantastic return on investment.
As a familiar form of communication, email holds a lot of power.

Email marketing should definitely be part of your marketing strategy – let me tell you why.

What Is Email Marketing?

Before we dive into all the compelling reasons why you need to get on board with email marketing, let's clarify what it involves. Obviously, email is not new. Nor is marketing via email. But it has evolved over the last few decades.

Email marketing involves sending optimised – and ideally, personalised – messages via email to customers or clients that have opted in to receive communication from your business. It's not just about sending sales offers and promoting your products, although that is part of it.

Email marketing also includes delivering valuable information through newsletters and other communications.

Why Your Business Needs Email Marketing

While social media may seem like the platform of the moment, when it comes to marketing your business, email marketing still trumps even Facebook.

Some research suggests that email is nearly 40 times more effective than Facebook and Twitter combined at gaining new customers! But the benefits go much further than that…

Email Has A Broad Reach

An estimated 94 percent of people with internet access use email. That's an even greater number than those on social media!

Even better, when you send your content out via email, you can be confident that it will land in the inbox of your intended audience. At the very least, they will get eyes on your subject line, and if it's compelling enough, they will open the email.

In contrast, posting something on social media doesn't guarantee your audience will see it. Organic social reach is extremely low, and chances are you will need to spend money to get your content in front of the right people.

Easy Tracking And Analytics

There is a wide range of email marketing software available that makes tracking and analytics a piece of cake. You can see who is opening your emails, who clicks through to your website from them, and view a wide range of other data, all in one place.

This makes it relatively simple to adjust and personalise your marketing even further.

Nurture Relationships

The great thing about your email list is that everyone on it has consciously and voluntarily opted in, meaning they want to hear from you! This connection gives you a foot in the door to nurture trust and engagement by sharing informative, fun, entertaining or educational content.

Build Your Brand

It can be hard to get noticed in a world overloaded with information, particularly if you are just one of 100 posts on someone's daily social media feed. But email is not quite so overwhelming for most people. They are not mindlessly scrolling, but systematically taking action on what arrives in their inbox.

Sending newsletters, promotions, or other relevant content via email helps build brand recognition and authority, and keeps you fresh in the minds of your customers.

Email Is Budget-Friendly

You don't need an enormous budget to get started with email marketing. In fact, you can get started for very little investment. If you have a limited marketing budget, email is the ideal way to get your business in front of customers, and the return on investment is enormous, particularly when compared to other forms of marketing.

Many email marketing providers offer free subscriptions until you reach a certain number of subscribers. So, you can test the waters without breaking the bank.

It's Relatively Simple And User-Friendly

You don't have to be a graphic design whiz or understand coding to begin email marketing. Platforms such as Mailchimp offer built-in templates that help you design professional-looking emails to suit your business branding. There's a small learning curve, but once you understand how it works, it takes very little time to prepare and send out your monthly newsletter.


Unlike social media, you don't have to put out generic content to appeal to your entire customer base. Email marketing can be personalised, and different content or formats can be sent to different groups or even individuals using your email marketing applications. This nurtures a much more intimate relationship with your customers, helping boost brand loyalty.


Email marketing platforms offer a vast range of ways to automate and individualise your emails. For example, you could set up a nurture sequence designed to turn new email subscribers into loyal clients and customers.

There are also options to trigger a sequence of emails when people complete a certain action, or to recover lost sales with abandoned cart reminders. Automation options are endless and save you hours of time and frustration, not having to send manual messages.

Whether you are a new business or old, big or small, email marketing is a fantastic way to reach a wide range of customers and clients, build your brand, and increase your sales.

But it can take a little time to get your head around the best ways to use email marketing platforms, not to mention create content, send it out, and track your metrics. If you need support to manage your email marketing, contact me today to find out how I can help.

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