How To Meet Your Customer Communication Experience

What’s the best way to communicate with your customers?

Should you contact them over the phone? Time-consuming and invasive.

How about social media? Difficult to personalise and hard to get noticed.

There’s always old-fashioned snail mail, but that’s pricey, and how do you know your hard work isn’t going straight into the recycle bin!

So, that leaves just one contender – email.

As it turns out, email is one of the best customer communication channels in your arsenal. It has a huge ROI, is fantastic for personalisation, and can easily be automated to save you time.

But besides the standard newsletter, what kind of emails should you be sending?

Let’s look at the essential communication emails your customers expect to receive from you.

The Welcome Email

Are you stoked to get a new subscriber? Let them know! It’d be a bit weird if someone signed up to your list and didn’t receive so much as a confirmation email.

Your welcome email is your chance to set the scene, show your customers who you are, outline what they can expect from you, and start leading them down your sales funnel.

Welcome every new subscriber with a personalised email. Even better, include something of value, like a promotional offer, a freebie, or a discount coupon.

If you want to level up, you can even plan an entire welcome sequence, automatically sending several scheduled emails to introduce your business and products/services.

The Offer Email

As cool as your business may be, most people didn’t just sign up for emails to get to know you. In the beginning especially, they signed up to get free stuff, discounts, or special offers!

Offer emails have one of the highest open rates, which shows that people are open to scoring a deal.

You don’t have to break the bank by offering enormous freebies: think outside the box and offer free shipping, a free resource, or a free trial.

The Email Newsletter

I know I referred to a newsletter as standard earlier, and I sincerely apologise, because the email newsletter is such an essential part of your customer communication strategy.

Your newsletter is a great way to regularly connect with your customers and build your relationship with them.

It might include updates about your business, links to a blog post, a valuable resource, or even a promo.

How often you send your newsletter is up to you. Don’t send one just for the sake of it. It’s better to send one value-packed, entertaining newsletter once a month than to send boring, irrelevant content weekly.

The Added-Value Email

Your email list is a valuable resource, and the last thing you want to do is put them off with too much selling.

Instead, consider what you can give to your customers without expecting anything in return. It may be a blog post answering a frequently asked question, a list of useful resources, or a tip to make their lives easier.

Offering no-strings-attached value is a fantastic way to build trust and loyalty with your audience.

The Abandoned Cart Email

This is one of those emails that your customers have probably come to expect without realising it! If someone has been to your online store and chosen some items but failed to check out before leaving, this is your chance to come to the rescue.

Maybe they changed their minds and need some extra motivation, or maybe they genuinely meant to come back and forgot. Either way, sending an on-brand email reminding them of their incomplete purchase is a great way to be visible and drive sales.

The Reminder Email

Sending a reminder email is a smart way to be helpful while increasing revenue. For example, if you installed a home ventilation system, you could send an email at the end of summer/winter letting them know the benefits of having it serviced regularly – and reminding them that now’s the time to have it done.

If you sell vitamins, pop an automated email in for 30/60 days later, gently prodding them to buy a refill. Whatever business you are in, the reminder email is an excellent way to keep your customers coming back for more.

The Happy Birthday Email

The beauty of email is your ability to personalise. If you have someone’s birthday on record, take the time to send them a happy birthday note - and maybe include a discount or special offer just for them.

Alternatively, you could send emails on their sign-up anniversaries to thank them for being a customer.

Appointment Emails

Do you run a business where people book in for something? Then confirmation and reminder emails are essential. Not only do they make you look thoughtful and professional, they also help ensure you don’t waste your time and miss out on revenue when people forget about their bookings.

Shopping Confirmation And Delivery Emails

If you run an online store, it’s essential to send confirmation emails/invoices once someone has purchased an item.

And if it’s an item you're sending by courier or post, don’t forget about the delivery update emails. Most of us are super impatient to receive our purchase and appreciate getting updates letting us know when the item was shipped and exactly where it is in the delivery process.

These are just a small sample of the types of emails you can send to customers. There are loads more sequences you can set up to build your brand, keep your customers happy, and grow your business.

Why You Should Automate Your Customer Communication Emails

Trying to do all this emailing manually is not an effective use of your time, no matter how small your email list may be!

Automated email is essential for every business. You can use email programs like MailChimp, Mailerlite or ActiveCampaign to send triggered message automatically depending on a specific action, such as a sign-up or purchase.

By automating your emails, you ensure they arrive in real-time, so you can communicate effectively with your customers no matter where you are or what you are doing (heck, even when you’re sleeping!)

While automation will save you time in the long run, there's still a time investment involved with getting it all set up. If you need some help working out the tech or don’t have the time to dedicate, then Debbie at Task Diva can help!

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