How To Design A Newsletter People Actually Want to Read

Even though it’s been around for a lot longer than social media, email provides more bang for your marketing buck than all the new kids on the block.

Instagram Reels may be the latest big thing, and people spend hours scrolling their Facebook feeds every day. But, when it comes to personalisation and connecting with your audience, email trumps them all.

But that doesn’t mean you can send any old content via email and expect it to be a roaring success. Just because your subscribers have granted you permission to pop into their inboxes it doesn’t mean they’re going to automatically adore your newsletters.

You still need to provide value, be relevant, and present your content in a way that captures their attention.

So, how does that work in the world of email? Let’s talk about how to design a newsletter that actually gets read!

Write A Catchy Subject Line

You can put all the effort in the world into your newsletter content, but if you don’t nail the subject line, chances are your audience aren’t even going to bother opening it.

Research suggests that 47% of recipients open an email purely based on the subject line!

That’s a lot of pressure for a few words, but the key is to keep it short, keep it snappy, yet create an incentive for your subscribers to want to click through and read your newsletter immediately!

Get creative and use your personality to spark their interest.

Space Your Content

Few people read every email word for word straight away. Generally, we open the email and scan through to get the gist of what we’re reading.

If we like what we see, we might stick around and digest it properly, or follow the included call to action. That’s why it’s important to design a newsletter that’s scannable.

Don’t write long paragraphs that are all clumped together. Instead, keep it to one or two sentences before hitting enter to break up those chunks of text.

Include lots of white space to keep it easy on the eye, and use headings or bold text to emphasise information.

Keep It Short And Simple

Your email newsletter isn’t the ideal place to share a lengthy blog post. Think of it more as an appetiser to spark interest in whatever you choose to focus on.

If you’d like people to know about your latest blog, write a short teaser to pique their interest, and include a call to action to view the content over on your website.

If it’s an update, keep it short and snappy.

If you have a sale, focus on the essential details rather than including a lengthy story.
How long is too long? Experts suggest that around 200 words is the ideal length for an email newsletter.

Stay Focused

Don’t try to do too much in a single newsletter. If you’re unclear on the focus, your audience certainly won’t know what they’re supposed to do with the information and are likely to move on.

Decide on the focus for the newsletter. Is it an update on your business? Is it designed to get people to click through to your latest blog? Is it letting them know about a sale or does it share some industry news?

Get clear on your focus, and make it easy for the reader to know what they’re supposed to do next with a bold, clickable call to action.

Be Authentic

Your email newsletter is an integral part of your branding strategy. Make sure to design a newsletter that is consistent with your branding – visually and with the tone and voice you use.

Don’t be afraid to be your fabulous, authentic self. That’s why people subscribed to you, that’s what makes you stand out from the crowd, and that’s what will keep your audience coming back for more.

Make It Mobile-Friendly

Remember that many of your subscribers will be checking their emails on their phones or devices.

It’s essential that you make all your content mobile-friendly. Ensure any images you use are optimised for mobile, that the text is still readable, and your CTA works.

Know Your Audience

Design a relevant, interesting, and valuable newsletter, and you’re almost guaranteed to have a high read rate.

But the only way to create that kind of content is by knowing your audience! If you feel like your email newsletters are flopping, it might be time to go back to the basics and do some work around identifying your ideal customer.

Once you know who you’re writing for, what their problems are, and what your solution is, you’ll find it much easier to design a newsletter that appeals to them.

And, if you need some help to design a newsletter that your audience will want to read, then please contact me at Task Diva today!

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