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Mailchimp Setup Starter Guide Course

Confidently Setup Your Mailchimp Account & Create Newsletters

A step by step self-paced course to guide you through from start to finish

Ensure your Mailchimp account is set up correctly and understand how to use it.

Wouldn't it be great to be able to easily create and send newsletters!

What will you know by the end of this course?

The Set Up

  • have your Mailchimp account correctly set up
  • have all your current and new contacts uploaded

The Techy Stuff

  • apply tags and segments to your audience
  • know how to create sign up/opt in forms and code to your website

Design & Create

  • design and create a template to use for your newsletters
  • create a welcome newsletter
  • create and send a regular newsletter.

Perhaps you haven’t opened up a new Mailchimp account yet, or you have, but you’re procrastinating and have yet to sort out your email marketing.

You know that having an email list is important to your business and keeping in regular touch with your clients and customers is vital in developing the know, like and trust factor.

But I know it can feel overwhelming!
And sometimes just getting started feels too damn hard.

Course Layout

M1 - LESSON 1 Setting Up
Setting up your Mailchimp account to ensure your contact info, profile, footer and logo are correctly entered.

M1 - LESSON 2 Overview
An overview of the Mailchimp platform which inlcudes how to verify your domain name, integrations available, your audience, campaigns (newsletters), automations and the content studio.

M2 - LESSON 1 Adding Contacts
Uploading your customer's details as a single subscriber, creating a spreadsheet for bulk subscribers.

M2 - LESSON 2 Spreadsheet & Tags
Saving your spreadsheet as a cvs file, and importing your subscriber spreadsheet into Mailchimp. Understanding and creating tags.

M3 - LESSON 1 Creating Templates
Learning how to create a template and inserting your logo.

M3 - LESSON 2 Template Styling
Creating style defaults for your newsletter's page, body and footer.

M3 - LESSONS 3-5 Template Blocks
Learning how to use individual blocks to create your template.

M3 - LESSON 6 Finalising Template
Finishing and saving your template.

M4 - LESSON 1 Welcome Email
Creating your welcome email from your template.

M4 - LESSON 2 Email Content
Inserting your welcome email content and adding links.

M5 - LESSON 1 Sign Up Form
Creating a sign up form with the form builder and understanding the fields required.

M5 - LESSON 2 Designing the Form
Designing your sign up form.

M5 - LESSON 3 Embedded Form
Designing the embedded form and copying the embed code.

M5 - LESSON 4 Sending Welcome
Ensuring your welcome email is setup to send with the sign up form.

M6 - LESSON 1 New Campaign
Creating and sending a new campaign (newsletter).

M6 - LESSON 2 Segments
Creating and applying segments to your newsletters.

Bonus Modules

Hi, I'm Debbie and I've been using Mailchimp since 2010. I'm now a Certified Mailchimp Partner and enjoy helping busy business owners to get their email marketing sorted.

I know what it's like as a small business owner when you need to keep up with the mountains of software and applications just to keep your business running smoothly.

Trying to learn a new platform, like Mailchimp, is often just another thing to do and can be so time consuming.

I have created Mailchimp accounts for many of my clients and set them up and running with my 'done for you' email packages.

As I know there are some people that prefer a lower cost option that they can work through in their own time, I have created this step-by-step course.

Although there's a lot covered in this online course, I break it down into bite-sized chunks to make it easy for you to digest at your own pace.


Just $87 (including GST)

" This is such an awesome course that covered all the basics needed to get me up and running with Mailchimp. Debbie delivers the course clearly and concisely and what's even better is that once you have the course you have it for good so can dip back in and out as needed - amazing value for money. Would highly recommend to anyone looking to get started with Mailchimp, thanks Debbie! "

Lindsay Kernohan, Sparks HR

Don't waste anymore time procrastinating.

Get your email marketing sorted now!

You'll Have Lifetime Access

Lifetime access means that you will always have this course to refer back to at any time, and when new bonus modules are uploaded you will be notified and have instant access.

No need to have a paid Mailchimp account, this course takes you through setting up the free account.

Debbie Mills Robertson

Debbie Mills Robertson


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