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✔  You're in the right place if you're struggling to plan, create or upload your online course.

✔  If your email newsletters are less than perfect, or even non-existent, then help is right here.

Hi, I'm Debbie, and I'd love to support you in your business by helping you plan, create and implement your online courses and email marketing.

Those tasks that you don’t enjoy doing, are not skilled at, or simply just don’t have time for. I work with you to guide and nurture your business and help it to thrive.

Wouldn’t it be great to gain back your valuable time and save your sanity in the process!


You may have a great idea for an Online Course, but how and where do you start?

Let me help you to plan and create your online course and take care of all that tech and backend stuff that you really don't want to know about!
And when you're ready to sell, we'll connect your email marketing.


Together with regular newsletters, you'll need to create a great Email Nurture Sequence to guide your prospective students towards your online course.

A Landing Page and a Lead Magnet (aka your freebie or opt-in) will need to be created to entice those interested in your course to sign up.

Supporting you to create your online course

Many people get overwhelmed when thinking about creating an online course.
By going through my 8 step course preparation process, you will learn how to validate your course idea, create your course structure, get it all set up and know the ways to market & launch your course


You have an idea for an online course but you're just not sure how to get started.
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Are you ready to banish the overwhelm and save time, money and most importantly, your sanity?

These are the areas where I can help you...

Imagine that weight off your shoulders when you partner up with me.

The relief you will feel knowing that you don’t have to juggle everything yourself,
and that you have someone you can rely on to get it all completed efficiently.

Task Diva - Virtual Assistant

Choose the package that suits your needs, and when
you delegate and outsource your online course creation and email marketing, you’ll find yourself in world of less stress, calm and relief from all that overwhelm.

What my lovely clients say...

" Debbie is an expert in all things Thinkific."

I've been working with Debbie at Task Diva and she is fantastic! Debbie has been helping me to get my Thinkific courses tidied up, which I didn't have the headspace or bandwidth for.

Debbie is an expert in all things Thinkific and online courses, so if you need any help with either of these things, she's your lady.

Thanks so much Debbie.

Free Up

" I loved working with Debbie at Task Diva."

Debbie helped me integrate my new branded materials into Mailchimp and set up easy templates to use moving forward. I loved her helpful video instructions on how to use the templates she had created - such a great value add touch!

So good to be able to "set and forget" and have her take care of it - it would likely have taken me absolutely hours and been nowhere near as good quality.


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