Imagine the difference if you had

support to plan, create and launch your online course!


Being able to use your time more wisely to do the things that you keep on putting off. These things that you know will grow your business, but you’ve just not managed to get around to.

I understand the struggle you have with trying to do it all, and I'd love to support you with getting your online courses planned, created and launched out into the world!

Being a business owner can be lonely, especially if you work from home. I can help you by listening to the issues you face and also being that sounding board that you can bounce ideas off.

Do any of these apply to you?

➜  Spend hours trying to learn course creation skills that just aren’t in your skill set

➜  Struggle to meet deadlines & seem to accomplish very little in your day

➜  Feel frustrated and annoyed with your lack of progress.

Good News! You're in the right place!

Hi, I’m Debbie, and I live in the beautiful garden city of Christchurch, New Zealand with my husband, our teenage daughter, a white cavachon dog and a crazy tabby/ragdoll cat.

A few years ago I completed certificates in Adult Education & Training and Adult Literacy Tutoring which has given me a greater understanding of how adults learn. Taking this training one step further with e-learning, I have developed my own coaching to help my clients plan and create online courses.

Having partnered up with Thinkific, I also get the tech side of things sorted by setting up your online course site, designing your course, uploading course content, and creating supporting graphics and images.

I enjoy working with clients in the Health and Wellbeing sector as this area is important in my personal life too. I enjoy strength training, pilates, hula hooping and hill walking up in the beautiful Port Hills of Christchurch.

"Debbie did a great job."

Debbie did a great job of helping us with The Crafted Career Programmes; our first courageous foray into the world of online learning.

Gain more time and save your sanity!

Task Diva specialises in helping business owners, like yourself, to have more time for your business and more freedom in your life.

Having experienced overwhelm and burnout, I know exactly what it's like to try and do everything in your business. It's like you need to clone yourself, but that clone needs to have a different skill set, focus on one thing at a time and work the most efficient way possible!

I meet with every client, either in person or via Zoom video call. It's important for me to get to know you and your business and to understand your needs and requirements so we can create a plan and get your business working more efficiently for you.

I’ve helped many business owners to get their time back and keep their sanity in the process!

"Grateful for Debbie's help and support"

Debbie was a great help at getting the course that was in my brain & notes into a format that is now helping First Home Buyers everyday.

Grateful to her for the help & support to make my dream course a reality.


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