The Latest Online Course Trends You Can Capitalise On

Since the global pandemic, the online course industry has absolutely flourished.

Online learning is incredibly popular and has become the new norm. This momentum is only set to continue with people choosing online learning as it’s convenient and affordable.

So, how can you capitalise on this trend?

There are a number of evolutions happening when it comes to online courses.

And, in order to ensure the continued success of your own eCourses, you want to keep up with the latest online course trends. Let’s explore exactly what those evolutions are so that your current courses (or planned courses) still resonate with your audience.

What’s Happening In The Course Community?

Let’s talk statistics. Did you know that the global e-learning market is set to hit more than US$460 billion by 2026? The industry is growing fast and doesn’t show any signs of slowing down any time soon. So, it stands to reason that almost 1 in 4 people identify as a digital creator and that 71% of people are considering pursuing additional income streams because of the economy.

So, courses are popular. Both for the general public, but also for those looking for a great way to diversify their income.

People are consuming course content at a rapid rate. But, new courses are hitting the market every day. You need to ensure your courses are going to cut through the noise and meet the expectations of your audience. That’s where current online course trends come in!

Current Online Course Trends


One of the great benefits of attending a course in person is interacting with your teacher and the opportunity to meet other people at the same learning stage as you. That’s why Communities are currently taking the world of online courses by storm. They provide participants with the opportunity to interact with their teacher and other students, have discussions about content, ask questions, and receive support.

And, you can create a wonderfully supportive Community for your students within the Thinkific platform. Thinkific Communities are ‘an online learning environment, created and owned by you, where students can participate in an interactive, communal learning experience, driving student engagement and connection that your students will pay and stay for’.

In previous years, communities have been tacked on as an added bonus for eCourses. But now, they might just be the thing that your audience comes to you for, with your course content being the reason they stay.


People are loving the opportunity to learn online. However, as life gets busier and busier, it can be hard to find the time to dedicate to online learning.

The solution? Microlearning!

The reason that people love learning things from YouTube Shorts, Instagram Reels and TikTok is because their format is short, engaging, and strangely addictive. You can emulate the same bite-sized learning opportunities in your eCourses. Double down on functionality by making sure your content is accessible on mobile and you’ll be all set.

Now is the time to embrace microlearning. Look at your existing course content to see if it meets the microlearning criteria of being less than 10 minutes long. If not, see if there is a way you can easily break it down into bite-sized chunks. Also, keep the microlearning parameters in mind when creating new course content. Easily digestible is the way to success right now!

Multi-Product Learning

We learnt that diversification was the key to continued business success throughout the pandemic. And nothing’s changed! Multi-product learning is a great way to service a range of learning styles and provide multiple income streams for your business.

We know Communities are going to be huge and so are bite-sized eCourse lessons. However, you can expand your offerings further to include other aspects that make sense for your business.


  • Memberships

  • eBooks

  • One-to-one coaching sessions

  • Physical products

  • Diaries

  • Planners

  • Workbooks

  • Or any other complementary resources

Go Live

One of the drawbacks of learning online is that people don’t get to interact with a teacher in person. Solve that problem by offering live lessons. These can be in addition to your static course content or as standalone lessons.

Live lessons fall into the Community aspect that you are trying to build. They encourage interaction and ongoing discussions which will create a desire for your students to keep coming back for more.

These lessons don’t have to be one-to-one live lessons. In fact, group learning facilitates even more discussion and is time efficient for you as it is a one-to-many learning experience.

Soft Selling

Selling a comprehensive eCourse can be a tricky task. Due to the wealth of content included, comprehensive courses generally have a large price tag, so it takes an awful lot of nurturing before people understand the benefits and are willing to buy.

Why not remove some of those obstacles and start giving people value for little to no cost?

Free initial lessons, in-course upsells and affordable monthly subscriptions are all great ways to entice your students to learn with you. Without the cost obstacle, they can dip their toes into your content and see the instant benefits.

Build Your Brand

With more course content than ever hitting the online marketplace, it is important for yours to stand out. A great way to do that is by building your personal brand.

Online education has made it possible for knowledgeable business owners to create a strong brand by sharing their expertise. Now, is the time to invest in that brand to make sure your online persona is positioned in the right way to help your business (and course content) succeed.

Generic material is not going to work anymore. With so many courses out there to choose from, people want content they can connect with. Your brand can help them do that.

Ready To Get Your Course Online?

Online courses are a great way to diversify your income and add immense value to your audience. But, they are time consuming to create.

Luckily, you don’t have to understand all the tech that goes along with building a Thinkific online course. That’s where I come in! An expert in all things Thinkific, I can help you get your expertise out of your head, onto the page and loaded into Thinkific so that you can create another income stream for your business.

Chat with me today about making this happen.

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