Online Course Planning Session

Get your online course up and running for 2024!

How would it feel to have your online course validated, all planned out and ready to go!

In just 80 minutes (2 x 40 minute sessions) we'll go through all the ideas you have for your online course and get it all structured and making sense.

At the end of the session you will have:

  • Practical ideas on how you can validate your online course idea

  • Be clear on the importance of the learning outcomes for your students

  • Have the course content and structure in place for each module

  • The best way to deliver your online course

  • Ideas to market and launch your course.

You will also receive 4 templates to help you plan out your course:

  1. Course planning worksheet

  2. Course structure worksheet

  3. Learning outcomes worksheet

  4. Trello board template.

These sessions are conducted via Zoom with email support between the 2 sessions to keep you on track.

You'll come away with more clarity and great ideas on how to get started with planning your online course.

Online Course Planning Sessions $457

“When Debbie offered the chance to have 1:1 online course planning sessions with her I jumped at the chance.  I’d read so much about the “how to” of putting an online course together, but needed someone to talk me through it and come up with a plan so I’d get on and “do it”.
I highly recommend Debbie she’s a star.”

Rachel Triplow, ARC IP

Online courses offer a convenient and flexible way to learn new skills and gain knowledge

Don't waste anymore time procrastinating.

Get your course up and running in 2024!

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